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Did you ever wonder why our beach is called the Frank B. Spear Memorial Beach?  For years, Frank took it upon himself to care for the beach and parking lot and perform other jobs that made it a pleasant safe place for generations of children.

For over 90 years, volunteers like Frank have made Lake Lackawanna a special place to live and raise families.  People like him have added to the amenities available to members.  Now some of those amenities need our attention. 

The “OUR LAKE” project is a continuation of the Lake Lackawanna volunteer spirit.  From its inception in 1925 to the present day, member participation has been the life of our community.  With many new members and some who have grown up here, we are introducing some of the projects that will continue to make our lake a great place to live.  The following is a list of tasks that could use some volunteer hours. Included are the names of people who signed up at our 2016 opening picnic. These are great jobs for a family to do together.

1)      Sand and stain beach picnic tables (need 5)
a)      Kim Reistad family
b)      ___
c)       ___
d)      ___
e)      ___
2)      Repair the volleyball court
a)      Chuck Marone family
3)      Sand/re-stain/beautify large memorial sign at beach entrance
a)      ___
b)      ___
4)      Repair and beautify sign by Lackawanna Dr.
a)      Ginny Lepore
5)      Create a hopscotch game on cement walk by shed
a)      ___
6)      Keep kayak stand and swim shed clear/weeded
a)      Lawrence Ferretti
b)      Josh & Eve Rubenstein
7)      Improving docks at Marina site
a)      ___
b)      ___
8)      Improvements to Clubhouse:  eg. Scraping and painting doors and windows, improving entrance, landscape clean up

9)       On call volunteers:  (More welcome)
a)      Jason Hartmann           
b)      Luda Matukouit            
c)       Ana & Ed Arancibia       
d)      Dave Shepherd & son


Contact us at to let us know which project you would like to claim.  Mention “OUR LAKE” in the subject line, and include your contact information.  We will get in touch with you regarding scheduling and supplies.

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