Beautifully situated in Byram Township, Sussex County, New Jersey    

Around the year 1910, the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Rail Road Company was building a new section of rail known as the 'Cutoff', and in doing so created Lack Lackawanna. Lubbers Runs, a river that runs through this area was dammed up as part of the construction of the railroad. It was one of the earliest vacation resorts in this area at the time. Richmond Road, one of the thoroughfares of our community, was named after Richmond County - the county that covers Staten Island.

In 1925, The Lake Lackawanna Investment Company, Inc. (LLIC) was formed to initially serve as a land development company. Over the years that followed, over 300 pieces of land were subdivided off the original LLIC property and developed as residences on Lackawanna Drive, Lake Drive, Reis Avenue, Brown Drive, Lubbers Trail, Heminover Street, Rochmond Road, Carpenter Road, and Partridge Road. Unfortunately, many details of the founders and early residents have been lost to to time. We welcome any information that anyone can share.

Today, the lake is 117 acres, and there are over 300 residents who live in the community. The lake has 6 coves and 3 islands. The bigger island is named Snake Island and the smaller island is named Turtle Island, so named because of the big rock behind it that looks like a turtle with its back and head sticking out of the water.  The last island is a private island with a home on it.

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