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9 March 2018

Dear Neighbor,

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter from the LLIC Board of Directors to you, a fellow resident in our community.

This past year was filled with many great events and activities lead by some tremendous people who continue to volunteer their time for the greater good of us all. Ranging from an Easter Egg Hunt to Adult Night to the beach parties, there was a great commitment from the community. And don’t forget the kids triathlon, we had a great turnout for that as well. From bike parades to boat contests, residents just like you volunteered throughout the year forging new friendships and enjoying old ones while making the experience of living here more fun for all who choose to take part.

For 2018, we also welcome a new tenant to the golf course. Mr. John Harin is the new operator, and has a lot of new and big plans for improvements to the course. We welcome him to the community and look forward to seeing what he accomplishes this year.

Life being what it is, our community said goodbye to some friends and neighbors. Some left to enjoy retirement and start a new life elsewhere while others left this world leaving behind fond memories of the time we spent together. We are grateful to all who have made a difference here in their own way who now are gone for one reason or another. As we look forward to the future we welcome new families and friends yet to be met who like us, have chosen to take up residence in this scenic and beautiful place.

As is the case with every year, we on the Board struggle to do the most we can with what we have as we adjust and do our best to adapt to the many challenges we face in our efforts to maintain the lake and surrounding property. Every year property taxes, weed control and our insurance policy are the big-ticket items that consume the majority of our income. Each and every membership is so critical to the survival of our community. With the additional cost of dam remediation on the horizon we must as a community rally our efforts to get more members to join us in support through their valued membership.

This year there is a small increase in membership dues, fifty dollars across the board.  However, we are trying something new. In an effort to help get more community involvement, we are offering ‘volunteering credits’ - a way for you to earn up to fifty dollars worth of credit to applied to your dues next year. We will be posting a list of qualifying volunteering activities on our website and Facebook page; each activity is good for a $25 credit. Volunteer credits are limited to two per family (i.e. $50 per family), and will be applied to your next year’s membership fee. Examples of qualifying activities are joining us for the spring or fall beach cleanup, performing landscaping work at the beach or clubhouse, or even organizing the Friday evening activities in the summer.

As a Board we have discussed at great length how our ability to adapt and overcome our financial circumstances is what will ultimately determine the best possible path for us to proceed moving forward with respect to all things related to our community. With that in mind we invite every member to join us at our meetings held at 8pm on the second Tuesday of every month at the clubhouse.

This is where we discuss the ideas that shape our direction moving forward, best utilizing the time, talent and treasure in our community to make the most of what we have. We have open positions on the Board and plenty of opportunity for those who wish to help in some way but do not wish to join the Board.

In conclusion, we leave you with this statement: "Many hands make for light work."

The more we take pride in ownership of what we have here and encourage and talk with others about doing the same through membership the more we can preserve and improve this great community for years to come.

For those who are with us we thank you for your continued support and loyalty. All would be lost if not for you! For everyone else, we ask you please find a way to join and become a member. We are willing to try to find ways to work with everyone as best we can. Not only will you then be able to fully take part in all that our community has to offer but also the success or failure of our efforts are directly to your property value.

Thank you,

Michael O’Hagan

President, LLIC Board of Directors

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