Beautifully situated in Byram Township, Sussex County, New Jersey    

Miss Byram standing at the future site of Lake Lackawanna. Taken from my copy of the 1964 book "A History of Byram" by Carl O. Johnson and Elspeth Hart. Photo date unknown.  Photo courtesy Bill Sawchuck    Lake Lackawanna History & Lore

A great early photo of houses along Richmond Road. Apparently taken from “Lackawanna Mountain” (above Bank Street). Source: Image was originally submitted to the Lake Lackawanna community fb page. No further details. Date unknown. Photo courtesy Bill Sawchuck

Banner Flag & Paddles courtesy of Gary Tisch

An excellent early aerial view of Lake Lackawanna from Bill Sawchuck's collection of RPPCs. It is a winter scene, with ice on the lake, and the view is facing northwest. The DL&W railroad is quite visible as a razor sharp horizontal line at the top of the photo.

This postcard was commissioned by Johnson’s Pavilion, thus dating its production date in the range 1946-1966. Based on the relative scarcity of houses along Richmond Road and other features, however, the image itself was most likely taken sometime prior to 1946.

On edit: Michael Bender has submitted a card that has been postmarked 23 July 1952, thus setting an upper limiit production date for this postcard, although image still believed to be prior to 1946.

Approx. 1959.  Photo courtesy Jenn Allen

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