Beautifully situated in Byram Township, Sussex County, New Jersey    

Current Board Members:

  • Daven Baez
  • John Byrne
  • Gary Dmoch
  • Mike Donahue
  • Tom Falleni
  • Skot Koenig
  • Amanda Palmer
  • Alex Rubenstein
  • Mark Smith
  • Steve Smith
  • Shawn Steffens
  • Ginny Lepore - Recording Secretary 

2018 - Present

Shawn Steffens

2013 - 2018 

Michael O’Hagan

1.                   Why did you run for president?

I definitely did not run for president at all.   There was no competition or election or anything.  In fact it was quite the opposite.  We were at a meeting and Thomas Fellini decided to step down.  Nobody raised their hand up to volunteer and I was like, "I’ll do it just for a little bit to give Thomas a break" and that was it five years later.  That’s the reality of how that happened.

2.                   What were your goals and accomplishments as president?

My goals as president truly is identical to my motivation to even get involved with the board.  I just wanted to be part of the community and I wanted to be able to try in whatever way I could to make a difference in making it more of a community feeling and more of a community and kindof be inclusive to try to make it so that there was some better channel of communications so I created the website originally.  The first Lake Lackawanna website was Regis Ralph created another some kind of website but I created the website and on the original website I posted loads of stuff on the community.  Telling about all the animals that live there, nature, things that were in proximity.  I wanted to start for kids and adults and everyone in-between to learn more about where they live, who else lives there with them in terms of wildlife and everything.  Facts and history about the lake and then I just got more and more involved.  When we did the “Save the Lake” thing I was very involved in that.  And I think I just continually tried to increase the level of community involvement and activity to make it to where people had more buy-in.  And I remember that was one of the things that I said at the “Save the Lake” meetings the idea that many of us come from different backgrounds, jobs, and places and states and whatever and in cases we have many things that are different but one thing that we all have in common is we all call this place home.  Whether you love to just go out to walk your dog along the lake and just see the scenery, or an avid fisherman or hunter and you like to go out into the woods, mountain biker, runner, kayaker, or you just like to sit there and read a book on your porch and look out onto the water.  There are many reasons why people chose to call this place home and that was one of the many reasons I was trying to do was put some strength into the common dominator and have people more invested in this being a community and luckily we had great help from loads of people I think made great strides in making it more transparent and having the activity of the board more transparent and more connected and communicating things more through Facebook, to email and opening it up more.

3.                   How would you describe your leadership style?

Leadership style… I don’t think I ever really viewed it like that.  I view my leadership role in the military much differently, in terms of just happenstance becoming President of the Board, I never really viewed myself in that way.  I always viewed myself as one of many in a great community and I just happen to be somebody that has the ability to sign things and try to advocate on behalf of the community and that’s one thing that I was always trying to be aware of, to be inclusive and do some polls and try to reach out and get the opinion of the paying membership of the community as to what they wanted and how they wanted things to go and try to take our direction from.  I don’t know if that’s necessarily leadership style but that’s accurate as to how I felt about it.

4.                   What were your biggest challenges?

My biggest challenges I would say are the same challenges we face today.  That we are a volunteer organization, that membership is voluntarily and that we do not have the level of participation that we should that would really make this place we live so much more viable and sustainable for the future and that would also do so much to improve everything.   So I always looked at it in that respect.  I never really viewed my job or my role, as that I was acting on behalf of the Lake Lackawanna Investment Company and whoever the stock holders were because I always viewed it as a community organization and a community effort and that’s why I got involved. 

2009 - 2013

Thomas Falleni

2007 - 2009 Bill Koellhoffer

1.       Why did you run for president?

Recommended by board, as Rick Volk felt he was better suited to be treasurer.

2.       What were your goals as president?

To be fiscally responsible to all expenses, drive membership, and firmly enforce all LLIC rules as stated

3.       What were your accomplishments as president?

collected over $6,000 in open electrical arrears from golf course tenant, dropped real estate taxes down on over taxed non-buildable LLIC lots, held board members accountable for things some said they would do and didn’t.  Created good will among area residents regarding LLIC and still do.

4.       How would you describe your leadership style?

Open door policy among board and residents.  Straight shooter.

5.       What were your biggest challenges?

Getting board members to help out as a unified team, seemed I and a few board members did everything.  I was president, treasurer, and registrar at the same time while working full time.  Felt after 28 years serving community it was enough.  Still and always will support LLIC. 

1999-2007 - Richard Volk

1998-1999 - Ed Klingener

1995-1997 - Richard F. Kmec

1986-1995 - Mark O. Thelin

1980 - Vic Vogel

1975, August - Regis Ralph

1975 - John Reed

1971 - Bill Penman

1969-1970 - Vince Dennen

1967 - Tony Cece

1967, May - James Hockley

1967, March - Bob Perry

1966 - George Landgraf

1955 - Andrew Cramer

1954, June - Franklin Ibach

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